Speaking Engagments

No upcoming events.

Past Speaking Engagements

"Making Money as a Writer, Artist and Musician"
SAE Institute of Technology/ Nashville, Tenn.
"Music Modernization Act-What Does it Mean for Writers and Artists"
West Coast Songwriters Annual Conference/ San Francisco, CA. 
"The Business of Buying and Selling Publishing Companies and Songwriter Royalties"
Citting Edge CLE Conference/ New Orleans, LA
"Update on the Future of Termination Rights and Mechanical Licensing"
Cutting Edge CLE Conference/ New Orleans, LA
"Music Money and Success-Whats it All Worth"
Cutting Edgw CLE Conference/ New Orleans, LA.
"Music Licensing in Today's World: Making Money as a Songwriter and Music Publisher"
Irish Music Rights Organization (IMRO)/ Dublin, Ireland
"Music Licensing Update: A Changing Landscape"
International Legal Symposium on the World of Film, Television and Sports/ABAForum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries/ Miami, Fl
"Music Money and Success-Whats it Worth"
Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) luncheon meeting and panel/ Los Angeles, CA
"Whats it Worth-Music Licensing Dollar Ranges"
South By Southwest/ Austin, Texas
"Opportunities, Expectations and Making Money in Music"/ Keynote Speakers
California Lawyers for the Arts 34th Music Business Seminar/ Los Angeles, CA
"The Business of Music In Television"
NATPE Annual Convention, Miami, Florida
"Current Legal and Business Issues in the World of Music Licensing", Americana Conference, Nashville, Teen.
"How to Protect and Make Money from Your Songs", West Coast Songwriters Conference, San Francisco, CA
Lectures: "The Business of Film/Music Agreements"; "Compensation in the Music Industry"; The Business and Craft of Songwriting" /Loyola University, New Orleans. LA
"Music Publishing Deals: the Current State of Agreements and How They Affect You"
Cutting Edge Law Seminar/New Orleans, LA
"Digital Distribution Agreements" Cutting Edge Law Seminar/ New Orleans, LA
"Television and Film Music Deals: Licensing Pre-Existing Songs and Writing Original Songs for Today's Audio-Visual World"
Cutting Edge Law Seminar/ Intercontinental Hotel/New Orleans, LA
"In House Counsel/Entertainment Law as a Career"
USC Music Law Society, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
"Digital Performance Rights and Revenues"
University of Miami School of Law and Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries/ Miami, Fl
" Sounds Heard Round the World: International Film, TV and Digital Media Issues"
International Legal Symposium, University of Miami School of Law and Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries/ Miami, Fl