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ASCAP, BMI and SESAC Statements

A real value of the performance right royalty statement that writers receive from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC is the information contained on the statements.

Depending on your level of success and that of your songs, the performance rights organization statements provide a good reflection of where your songs, lyrics or music are being performed and the worth of such performances.

Digital vs. Physical Album Sales

Despite the increase in digital sales in the United States, physical albums still command a large percentage of an album’s sales. In fact, in many cases, physical accounts for the majority of sales.


The percentages, however, can vary greatly depending on the artist and obviously the demographic of the artist’s fan base.


Touring Broadway Shows

It’s always interesting to see what happens to a Broadway musical when it goes on the road.   Most times the show is still running on Broadway when the first road production occurs, but, many times, the New York production has closed and the road performances constitute the perfect way to keep a show alive to the general public and provide a continuing source of royalty income to those involved